Published on Saturday, 29th October


I recently seconded a motion at Full Council that sought to further limit the growth in number of new Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).


Portsmouth City Council already has the tightest restrictions in England on new shared houses: extra HMOs are only allowed where the proportion of such uses within a 50m radius is less than 10%. In most of the country no restrictions apply, while some university towns have a similar approach to Portsmouth, but with percentage cap in the 20-30% range.


Over the next couple of years, the council will be reviewing its local plan with a view to adoption in 2019. It will now consider making changes to the HMO policy at that time, possibly by adding a street frontage rule, so that as well as a limit on the number in a given radius, a limit could apply to individual streets as well.


Across Britain as a whole, demand for shared housing is continuing to rise, largely because the growth in the housing stock is not keeping pace with the growth in the country’s population. However locally all the new student accommodation under construction means more shared accommodation may not be needed in Portsmouth.


Tags: Planning