Published on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017


Tables of government statistics sometimes make interesting reading: the recently published figures on the calculation of the New Homes Bonus being a case in point.

This gives an update on the number of houses completed and brought back into use by every local authority in England.


In Portsmouth 440 new properties were built and 234 properties back into use between April 2015 and April 2016. That may sound a large figure, but in comparison with other areas around the region it really isn't. Comparing it to the 66 councils that comprise the Southeast region, Portsmouth has the eighth lowest rate of household construction per 100000 people but the highest rate of empty properties brought back into use. The former reflects both a shortage of land and the council's restrictive policies on planning, while the latter reflects the large number of existing houses made available as a result of student accommodation being built in the city centre.


Many people always have the impression that there's a great deal of construction in Portsmouth, but the figures show otherwise and in many other areas the numbers are four times greater.


The full table is here. The areas with lower rates of housebuilding are Adur, Gosport, Medway, Mole Valley, Hastings, Thanet and Canterbury. The highest rate was in Vale of the White Horse, where was 4.2 times as much.


Tags: Planning