Published on Monday, 6th February 2017


Hidden amongst the budget announcements are two that directly affect this area. The first is an allocation of £70,000 to restore an Edwardian shelter that is currently in storage; it will be sited near the Coffee Cup. The second is that the council will potentially make £50,000 available for South Parade Pier provided adequate guarantees of public access can be secured.


The shelter project has been around for a while and concerns the remains of a structure that stood where the Pyramids now is. It was disassembled when the site was cleared for construction in the mid to late 1980s and has been in storage ever since. Some parts are missing and all require restoration. A sister shelter, painted black and white, exists on the Esplanade to the west of Rocksby's Café.


Money for the pier will be conditional on getting something back for local residents. There will have to be a period of negotiation on specifically what that might mean and it would therefore not be sensible for me to speculate on might be asked for in advance.


While not part of this year's budget, the other major investment in this area is the new butterfly house in the gardens of Cumberland House. The old structure has now been removed and planning consent granted for its replacement. Diagrams showing how the new house will look are available here.


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