Published on Monday, 27th February 2017

In these postings I try to stay above the tit-for-tat nonsense that comprises all too much of local politics. However, sometimes something is said that leaves me no choice: such is the case with the latest LibDem email attempting to blame the moving of the Yomper on Conservative councillors.


As those that have followed the debate will know, the Royal Marines’ Museum is relocating to the Dockyard and is considering taking the Yomper with it. Last year, my ward colleague, Jennie Brent put forward a motion to ask the decision makers - the board of the Museum of the Royal Navy – to leave it where it is. It received unanimous support.


So where does the claim from the LibDem leader that ‘As local Lib Dem councillors, we put forward a proposal to maintain the Yomper where it is but this was unfortunately voted down by Conservative and UKIP councillors’ come from?. 


Well in the budget debate they put forward a highly political amendment that was voted down. In it was a proposal to spend £1000 a year maintaining the Yomper. This then is the basis of their claim. However:


- the decision to move the Yomper does not rest with the council

- the council has objected to it being moved

- trivial sums can easily be found in the budget throughout the year

- this ‘plan’ was never raised in advance

- there is no agreement with the Museum of the Royal Navy


It’s exactly sort of fake news that gives politics a bad name. Whether you agree with me on other issues or not, I hope you will join me in condemning political campaigning based on this sort of falsehood.


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