Published on Tuesday, 29th July 2014

Work is progressing rapidly on the preparation of next year’s budget. While a lot of effort is going into looking at processes and efficiency, it is all but certain that there will have to be some significant cuts. Net expenditure has to come down by £37m a year over the next three years, which is equivalent to about three quarters of the revenue from council tax! Something has to give.


There are no easy answers to where the money can come from, but one thing that will make the process easier is more long term planning. The L:ibDems did make a start at this by allowing portfolios to retain underspends – that is, to keep any money they don’t use in a given year to be used to cover unforeseen expenditure in later years, but that is not really enough. One of the priorities for the next couple of years has to be to spread good practice and efficiency throughout the organisation. Another will be to make better use of the assets the council has. 


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