Published on Sunday, 24th September 2017


Saturday was the launch event the Churches Homeless Action project, which is an annual fundraising drive to help the homeless and rough sleepers. Last year, they raised £14,000 in £5 gift vouchers that are given out at Christmas to people who would otherwise have very little.


There is also talk of a group of churches coming together to provide a rolling winter shelter, with each church on the roster opening its doors one night per week. It goes without saying that it is great to see the church pursing its social mission in this way.


On a related front, the launch event also included a demonstration of the app, which the City Council is purchasing. This is a website that provides information on available help to people living on the street, such as where food is available. The database has not yet been populated, but will be in time for the official launch on the 10th.


Tags: Homelessness