Published on Monday, 18th December 2017


A new connection between the National Grid and the French electricity network is being proposed. Branded as Aquind, the £1.1bn project seeks to link up the two networks at a new substation at Lovedean. If it all proceeds, the cable will come ashore at Eastney and run underground from there. The local impact should be minimal, at least once the construction phase is completed. If the wiring is buried under the road network then this could mean significant road works for a while, although the representative of the company that I spoke to was unsure whether that would be the case. He was also unable to say exactly where the cable would start from, although as the project plan is for works to start in 2020 that is perhaps not surprising. Generally below ground infrastructure does not require planning consent.


A consultation event will take place at Milton Village Hall on January 26th between 2 and 8pm. The project webpage is here.


Tags: Planning