Published on Sunday, 12th October 2014


A year ago Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority set up its own company to bid for private work. Some big industrial sites have their own fire services - Fawley refinery being a local example - and many have partnership arrangements with fire services to provide support, so there is a market for this stuff.


It is still early days and so far the work the new company has won has been small scale. Still, this is an example of the way local government as a whole is developing. Portsmouth City Council will also be branching out where it can. It already does a few jobs for other authorities, such as maintaining parking meters. Increasingly councils sub-contract functions to each other to benefit from economies of scale and the City Council is likely to be both a provider of some services and a customer for others.


The Fire Authority company is called 3SFire and there is more information on its website if you’re interested (


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