Published on Wednesday, 26th June 2019

The council’s Cabinet is expected to push through a huge expansion of residents’ zones in Southsea, bringing the controlled zones as far as Waverley Road. 


The public consultation response has been quite negative, with concerns from people inside the planned zone about having only a two hour restriction and from those outside about the inevitable tidal wave of displacement. Meanwhile businesses are worried about how they will survive when the public no longer has access to any parking between 1630 and 1830 daily.


The Cabinet has repeatedly ignored calls for a joined up approach and has rolled out one scheme after another, many in response to displacement problems created by their previous schemes. The chances are Monday will see more of the same.


Both the Conservatives and Labour have been calling for an overall plan to be drawn up. I will be making that point again at the meeting.


The parking report is at here . For details of how to make a deputation, see here


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