Published Monday, 28th September 2020

Out of the blue the council has announced a plan to close the Pyramids pool. Instead it wants to turn it into an enlarged gym and a soft play area.

As the only fun pool in the city, the loss of the Pyramids would be a big blow to leisure in Portsmouth. The music venue will also be axed.

Money for the works will be taken by scrapping plans for a flexible office space on the upper floor of the old M&S building in Commercial Road, by withdrawing funding from plans to improve the Kings Theatre and by raiding the money put aside for the City Centre Road Scheme.

Residents are going to be denied the chance to have any meaningful say as the plans are rushed through and done before the next round of local elections. The administration intends to make all the decisions through the Cabinet.

Any plan of this scale will have been under consideration for months, but it’s all been kept under wraps until the last possible moment in the hope that the public won’t notice.

Tags: culture, Pyramids