Published on Sunday, 21st December 2014

The City Council has issued a repairs order seeking basic structural repairs to South Parade Pier. This will act as a safeguard in the event that the pier reopens and trades profitably but is simultaneously left in a state of structural neglect. The council has no powers over the appearance of the building nor, beyond some planning restrictions, over its usage.


The council will not under any circumstances acquire the pier itself – getting the structure back into a presentable state would cost £5m at least and there not being enough efficiency savings available to plug the entire reduction in government grant funding, the only place to get the money from would be additional reductions to frontline services, which is something we’re not prepared to do.


However the order does make it clear to any future owners that they must use a part of any profits it generates to repair the structure. It also opens up options for the South Parade Trust. Obviously they have to raise the money first, but this is the key thing they have been asking for over the last two years.


A significant minority of people think the best solution to the pier problem would be to demolish the whole thing. As time goes by I find myself thinking there may be something in that, but as the structure is privately owned and as the demolition costs themselves would be considerable that is not something the council is going to get involved with.


(Note – as I live near to the pier, I could not be a part of the decision making process)

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