Published on Wednesday, 18th March 2015


The annual Local Transport Implementation Plan has now cleared all stages of the council. Now that it is set we have a firm idea of which new transport schemes are going to progress within the next twelve months.


One particularly important local scheme is the creation of a shared space cycle path on the east side of Milton Road between Miltoncross School and the Velder Avenue traffic lights. Quite a number of kids cycle to and from school and many ride along the pavement anyway despite the evident danger caused by the pinch points that make it unsafe to do so when there are large numbers of pedestrians around - i.e. at the beginning and end of the school day. What this scheme will do is replace a couple of street signs and the bus shelter so that there is enough width for cyclists.


While cycling on the pavement is a problem in many areas of the city, this particular stretch is little used except by schoolchildren and the current arrangement is dangerous. Getting children to push their bikes is easier said than done. As a governor of the school, I know for a fact that it has tried, but there are limits to what a verbal ticking off can achieve.


The budget for the works is £40 000, but that is very much a maximum. The bus shelter will be used elsewhere and will not be scrapped.

Tags: Transport, Schools