Published on Wednesday, 22nd April 2015


After positive responses to three separate public consultations the council will be going ahead with plans to add 75 beach huts in three lines on the seafront – one of which will not even be on the beach side of the Esplanade.


The huts will go some way to meeting demand. With a waiting list of around 500 city residents it is pretty clear that is not happening at the moment. They will be designed to minimize the impact on the beach, with low ridge heights. The level of the beach will be reduced in some areas to lessen the impact still further.


The rental income will make a useful contribution towards next year’s budget and with only 12% coming out against more huts in the 2014 budget consultation, it is a fairly painless way of increasing income, while providing a new service to local residents.


The only other development that may happen on the beach is a small concession or café in Eastney. That is it. I know many people are unhappy at the design and impact of the Coffee Cup building – I am one of them – but that is not the beginning of a trend.

Tags : Budget, Seafront