Published Sunday, 15th November 2015

The Canoe Lake tennis club is seeking planning permission for a new pavilion and club house. If approved, the building will cover a larger footprint than the existing one by extending a little further to the south. Inside there would be a multi-purpose space downstairs that could be used for running classes and for catering. The upstairs would consist of a viewing area and a small members’ club room.


The proposed design is unapologetically modern. The club originally wanted a quite different building that would have included an unnaturally low pitched roof that just didn’t look right. It’s good to see that they have taken on board criticism from the planning department and reworked their drawings. Architecture is a matter of personal taste and personally I like what they are now putting forward.


The only other two-storey building on the seafront (or Canoe Lake) is the rowing club up by the hovercraft terminal and setting new precedents is always a concern. On the other side of the coin the club has brought new life to Canoe Lake and they need a base to make their operation viable. I’m quite sympathetic to the plans, but both the council and I would like to hear from you.


The application reference is 15/01679/FUL and comments can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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