Published on Friday, 29th July 2016


The council is currently waiting on decisions from Havant Borough Council on three planning applications to build a total of 95 houses and flats in Leigh Park. The housing will all be affordable and will be let through a council-owned company, the setting up of which was authorised earlier this month.


All told the developments will cost about £11m, most of which is coming through additional borrowing in the Housing Revenue Account – the fund that council house rents go into. The council is, however forming an arms-length company to manage the developments, Ravelin Developments. The right-to-buy, while providing a welcome leg up for many families, makes it uneconomic to build new social housing. The only way of squaring the circle is to move the management into a separate but still council-owned company.


I mention this now in part because the LibDems are launching a campaign calling for exactly this to happen. It could be that they are not away of these proposals, but if they are then frankly it looks rather cynical.


The three schemes before Havant council are allow available to see online. Click here, here and here for details.


Tags: Housing, Commercialisation