Published on Sunday, 21st December 2014

The long awaited decision on McCarthy and Stone’s planning application for the Savoy Buildings land was a bit of a damp squib. Rather than approve or reject the plans, the Planning Committee deferred them seeking an improved design.


By deferring the planning application, the committee has effectively agreed all other aspects of the scheme. In other words the scale of the building, the number of parking spaces, the principle of sheltered housing and the ground floor shop have now all been agreed. The remaining point of contention is solely the appearance of the proposed building.


What happens next depends on the applicants: they could ask for a decision on their current scheme, perhaps backing up their proposal by an explanation of their choice of design, they could amend the proposal in some way, whether minor or major, or they could submit a new design, while simultaneously asking for a decision on the existing scheme. The latter approach is the one most often taken by developers when schemes are refused for reasons of design, i.e. to submit improved plans and appeal their original proposal. That then puts the committee in the position of having to second guess what decision an inspector would reach.


Whichever way this goes, it will probably be a couple of months before this application (whether amended or not) reaches the committee again.



(Note – as I live near to the Savoy site, I could not be a part of the decision making process and I could not speak at the committee for that reason)

Tags : Seafront, Planning