Published on Sunday, 15th November 2015


Later this week the council’s draft budget will be published. I’m not going to break the news embargo and reveal what’s in it, but it is fair to say that there will be very little in the way of new spending as the council tightens its belt.


£11m has to be saved from the main council budget this coming year and a further £5.1m will have to be found to address overspends in social care. Social care services are demand driven and statutory – that is if someone eligible presents themselves as in need, the council has to provide a service, whether it has the money or not. Councils across the country are having similar problems holding down adult care and fostering bills.


The council’s main revenue budget amounts to about £125m. After allowing for some sources of new income and savings from outside the main budget, the council will have to reduce what it spends by about a tenth. The good news is that the council is doing quite well at generating new income and this has offset some of the savings that would otherwise have had to be made.


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