Published Friday, 8th January 2016


Last night saw Portsmouth’s first Developer’s Forum, where Neighbourhood Forums, the Portsmouth Society and other bodies come together with councillors to discuss potential planning applications with developers before they are submitted. The developer pays a small fee to cover the costs.


The topic of conversation was Kingston Prison. City and Country outlined their vision for the site and broadly the plans that they have. These are for 230 flats in both the existing listed buildings and in new blocks mostly around the edges. Over 300 parking spaces would be included.


A lot of questions were posed and answered and from my point of view as chairman of the meeting, I think it went well. It is now for the developers to consider the feedback and decide whether to make any changes.


The idea of having these Forums is one we’ve pinched from Havant and their experience is that this can make for a somewhat more consensual planning process. A depressing number of applications are just refused and overturned on appeal. This is an attempt at doing something to improve the system and to hopefully get better development. Time will tell whether it does or not.


Tags: Planning