Published on Saturday, 29th October 2016


Back in the summer, the council granted permission for the conversion of the former Kingston Prison into flats along with the construction of some new build units in the grounds; now it has concluded a land deal to improve the landscaping.


The triangle of land facing the roundabout is a mixture of grassland, trees and bushes. There are some problems locally with anti-social behaviour and it being used by local youths.


The council has agreed a long lease for the land to the developer of the prison for its use as a landscaped area. They have every incentive to make it look really nice - a high quality entrance area will make it easier for them to sell their flats - and the eventual end occupants of the flats will have a similar incentive to keep the entrance to their homes looking its best.


While the £7500 this will raise for the council is neither here nor there in the big scheme of things, this is an example of how the council can improve our area without spending more money. The landscaped area will not be enclosed and on-going public access is assured.


Tags: Planning