Published on Sunday, 22nd January 2017


Hampshire Police intend to increase their slice of the council tax by 3.12%, the maximum amount allowed without causing a referendum; band D households will see their bills increase by £5 a year.


The office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is an independent precepting authority, meaning that it makes a charge that is part of the council tax and that the City Council has to collect, but which it has no say over in setting: that is a matter entirely for the Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane. 


Hampshire Constabulary is one of the ten lowest spending police forces in England (out of 43). In part this is because the level of police cover required in areas without very large cities is lower, but also because it has historically spent less than comparable areas.


At a public meeting in the week, Michael Lane said that the force has saved £80m since 2010, which amounts to about 20%. Portsmouth City Council by contrast has saved 44%, so on the face of it there is more the police can do and personally I am not convinced at this proposed tax rise.


The official police consultation is at should you want to comment. Some background information on police funding is here


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