Published on Monday, 6th February 2017


One thing I am personally very supportive of is the charity and voluntary sector. Many non-profit organisations achieve great results for comparatively modest amounts of money. Many are able to attract government, lottery and other funding not available to local government. By operating outside of public sector procurement rules and pension schemes, they avoid many of the costs that councils and other parts of the state face.


I am delighted that the City Council has been able to find premises for the Recovery Café, a voluntary organisation that promotes abstinence based recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The building in Fratton Road has been made available on a peppercorn rent, with the quid pro quo being that the café take responsibility for the upkeep of the building. 


The council budget also includes £50,000 to be offered to domestic abuse charity, PARCS, to repair the council-owned building they operate from. The council could repair the building itself, but the bill could well be higher and as a charity, PARCS should be able to secure some funding that a local authority cannot. I should note that this offer has only just been made and as yet I do not know whether it will be accepted.


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