Published on Saturday, 10th June 2017


To the surprise of many, we now have a Labour MP in Portsmouth South. Congratulations to Stephen Morgan for becoming the first representative of his party to take the seat.


I would also like to put on record my thanks to Flick Drummond for all the work she has done both in parliament since 2015 and over the last ten years. Flick had been growing into being a very effective constituency MP, but this election came a little too soon for her and this result has come as a blow to me and to my colleagues.


My guess is that the government will continue in office until after Brexit negotiations are concluded, but really anything is possible and one way or another, another General Election before the 2022 deadline is likely. 


Party Candidate Vote Percent
Labour Stephen Morgan 18290 41.0
Conservative Flick Drummond 16736 37.6
LibDem Gerald Vernon-Jackson 7699 17.3
UKIP Kevan Chippindall-Higgin 1129 2.5
Green Ian McCulloch 712 1.6

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