Published on Monday, 7th August 2017


The sweetshop next to the Kings’ Theatre has been purchased by the council. It will be added to the lease to the theatre trust, allowing them to expand their bar and restaurant offer, which will in turn improve their financial viability.


Some years ago, the council set aside £140,000 to pay for the unit if and when it became available. Theatre management have long nursed hopes of expansion and this shop is a vital piece in the jigsaw, standing midway between the theatre itself and two other shops already in their ownership. Eventually they hope to raise £15m as part of their Big Project to secure the theatre’s long term future as a profitable venue.


With the sad death of the owner of the sweetshop, Mr King, earlier this year, the property came on the market. Rising house prices meant the sum set aside was no longer sufficient and the council had to top it up to £185,000.


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