Published on Monday, 7th August 2017


Natural England have revealed their plan for the Langstone Harbour stretch of the England Coastal Path. As expected, most of the route follows existing paths and the foreshore, with the only new construction proposed by Fraser Ranges. An alternative route will be designated by Eastney Creek, with walkers being advised to use the foreshore when the tide permits or to follow existing paths across Bransbury Park when it does not.


Legislation passed in 2013 grants walkers rights over undeveloped parts of the coastline of England. A signposted route along the entire 2700 mile length is being assembled, with a target completion date of 2020. A similar path already exists in Wales.


You can read more on the route here. At this stage, the line has not yet been finalised and there is an opportunity to comment.


Tags: Seafront, Coastal Path