Published on Monday, 20th November 2017


Construction work has started on the new Police Investigation Centre (PIC) out by the Airport Service Road. Replacing all the area’s police stations, the new centre will include holding cells and office space for investigation staff for the whole southeast Hampshire area. Community policing meanwhile has already been relocated to other public sector buildings, with officers based in the Civic Offices, in Southsea Fire Station and jointly with social care in Medina House, Cosham.


Reducing the police real estate footprint to just three giant buildings – the other two centres being in Southampton and Basingstoke – is a pretty radical move and there are legitimate worries about how much time will be consumed moving inmates around and on travelling. However the Police and Crime Commissioner made the decision to move and the council’s role has been to ensure that the PIC for this area is based within the city boundary. With so few large sites available that was not easy and a move to Havant was on the cards, but I am pleased we have been able to retain the jobs and the police presence in Portsmouth.


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