Published on Tuesday, 16th January 2018


Just five council areas in England bid into a government pot to pay for charging points for electric vehicles – and Portsmouth was one of them. The £100,000 grant will be matched by £30,000 of the council’s own money.


With most parking on-street, Portsmouth is a difficult area to provide charging infrastructure - but it is not impossible. Last year, the council agreed to provide three chargers for public use, all of which are located in car parks. Consideration is being given to whether electric vehicle charging points will be able to be incorporated into street lights.


Electric car numbers will surge over the coming decade. In Norway, where they are heavily subsidised, one new car in three is battery powered. In the UK the figure is much lower, although once hybrids are included it rises to about 1.5%. It is surprising that so few councils are interested in putting in the infrastructure, but happily, Portsmouth is an exception.


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