Published on Friday, 30th March 2018


Last week, the council Cabinet visited the Homeless Shelter and it was an interesting thing to see. Located in Hope House, Milton Road, the facility is much bigger than it appears from the street. Most of the space is taken up with individual rooms, some of which have been personalised: with some people resident there for up to a couple of years, these rooms have become their homes. There are also shared kitchen and bathroom areas; laundry facilities are available. 


The stability of having accommodation can then provide a foundation for addressing any drug, alcohol or mental health issues, as well as providing breathing space to find employment and permanent housing. The separate, council-funded day services provide help for this.


The winter shelter is effectively a shared lounge. While a bit cramped, it meets an essential need and it is really good that we’ve found the money to keep it running throughout the year. It is open from 9pm, although people start to congregate before then.


The whole facility is operated by the Salvation Army on behalf of the City Council. The buildings were originally part of the workhouse and are located just to the north of St Mary’s hospital.


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