Published on Tuesday, 14th August 2018


Plans for a country park on the old tip at Port Solent have been around for years. I remember writing a few words about them in 2002 – and it wasn’t a new idea then. Some work to cap the rubbish mounds was done at around that time, but that is as far as it has got.


Last year, when I was in the council’s Cabinet, work was being carried out internally on the details of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Wood of 50,000 trees. Funding for a new access road was also agreed with the Local Enterprise Partnership. Most of the rest of the costs were always intended to be met by the City Deal, a £50m pot awarded by Whitehall some years ago to pay for infrastructure to enable housing and industrial units to be built at Tipner and Port Solent.


This project has now been carried forward and a start on site should happen soon, with a view to completion by 2020. It will be a great addition to the city.


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