Published on Wednesday, 26th June 2019

Coming into the city along the motorway, one of the things that now stands out is the new student tower currently under construction on the site of the old Coop bank near the railway station. There’s still a way to go until it is finished, but already its front and sides are a mass of windows; the north side however appears to be a huge, blank wall.


The supporting documents for the planning application referred to the possible future redevelopment of much of that line of buildings. Were there plans for another large building next door then it would make perfect sense not to include lots of windows.


I wasn’t involved in deciding the application, but I did speak to one of the promoters of the scheme at the time and asked what plans there were for further developments; I was told that there were none and it was just conceptual. I am not so sure and suspect further proposals will come forward in the long run.


Anyway, back to the blank wall. The planning paperwork shows a few windows on that side. From their positioning, I think they may be only for the staircase. There will be cladding and some decorative lines to break the whole thing up.


Tags: Planning