Published on Friday, 18th October 2019


One of the last things Linda Symes and I did before losing the council in 2018 was to approve the installation of six water refill stations along the seafront. They were then installed in July that year, but have barely worked since.


The debate in council on a motion we put down on this was disgraceful, as was the reporting in the ‘News’. The fact is, there are 20,000 of these fountains across the country and they are standard products. Despite claims to the contrary, most of them are not working as of this morning and they have visibly had no maintenance for ages. The council leader admitted that he wasn’t even aware of them, before claiming to have been worried about the water loss for ages, while his deputy said they are awful, before saying he wants to install another one.


Water refill stations are a way of reducing the use of single use plastics. They are in widespread use across the country, but Portsmouth cannot get them to work and cannot signpost them. That failing should be addressed. I suppose the politics is par for the course, but that a once proud newspaper reported this rubbish as fact is sad.

Tags: Seafront