Published on Monday, 9th May 2016

You may have noticed that part of the promenade to the west of South Parade Pier has recently been resurfaced. It may seem a little odd that this is being done now, what with all the talk of new flood defences. The Promenade has not seen significant works carried out on it for many years and so why do it now?


The answer is the Colas contract. The entire length of the seafront is covered by it and so the decision to do this work was made by Colas and it has not resulted in any extra charge to the council (and hence taxpayers).


The Colas PFI splits the roads into two categories: major routes, which have had to be resurfaced since 2005 and other roads, which can be either patched or resurfaced depending on condition. The Promenade is part of the latter category and that means it is up to Colas whether to redo it. They base their decisions on whether so much patching would be required in future years that it would be cheaper just to fix the whole thing. That is what they have done in this case.


Over the last 18 months, the council has been monitoring the contract far more closely than previously, with the result that we’re getting more work done for same flat rate charge that we have to pay no matter how little or how much is actually done.


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