Published on Sunday, 7th August 2016

The two new hovercraft ordered by Hovertravel a couple of years ago have now been delivered and are already working the Southsea-Ryde route.


The Solent Flyer and the Island Flyer replace two earlier vessels, one dating from 1986 and the other from 1990 (although the latter is still serving some journeys at the moment) and ensure that the service will remain for decades to come.


Compared to their predecessors, the new craft are more comfortable. Passenger capacity has actually being reduced from 95 to 80, but as there are generally spare seats on most journeys, this should not be a problem.


The Isle of Wight connection is the only commercial hovercraft service operating in Europe. Most other routes were squeezed out by catamarans in the 1980s and 1990s.


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