Published on Saturday, 27th August 2016

The new halls of residence construction in the city centre have been greeted by critics who say that student numbers are rising faster than the number of available rooms. The statistics do not bear that out.


The Higher Education Statistics Agency has been counting student numbers for twenty years. Stripping out part-time students, who probably mostly live at home, results in a full-time student body of about 18000. This number has actually fallen slightly since 2010.


There was a sharp rise in numbers through the nineties and the early years of this century, but it has not been sustained. This partly reflects the cap on UK student numbers imposed by the government - and lifted last year - so there could be an increase in future. However unless that happens, the numbers suggest that building new student halls really will lessen demand for spaces in shared houses.


yearnumber of full time students
1996/97 12387
1998/99 12416
2000/01 12315
2002/03 13945
2004/05 15805
2006/07 15420
2008/09 16675
2010/11 18820
2012/13 18720
2014/15 17995

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