Published on Friday, 25th April 2014

The bus services running from the Park and Ride are subsidised by the council and the estimated early years losses are considerable. I can’t find the figures listed in the public domain (although I do know them), so I cannot name the figure, but I can point out that the council has taken £500,000 from the Tri-Sail reserve to provide a pot of money to pay these bills with.

The biggest difficulty the service faces is its prematurely. Without the Northern Quarter, the City Centre just isn’t much of a draw and there are plenty of fairly low cost parking spaces available. Parking on the old Tricorn site costs £6.20 per day and the council rents out spaces around city centre council flats to commuters for about £10 a week. Effectively the council is competing with itself.

Gunwharf is a different matter and it is quite easy to see people taking the bus to avoid the queues to get there and sky high parking charges when you arrive, but for the whole thing to stack up really it needs people using it to get to Commercial Road and that is not going to happen until there are more shops and offices for people to want to get to.


Incidentally the Tri-Sail reserve surplus is an interesting example of council accounting. Set up to pay for the maintenance and eventual replacement of the Sails of the South artwork on the M275, the fund has been allowed to build up an enormous surplus and until it was raised in the Conservative budget amendment a year or two ago, I don’t think anybody even knew it was there.

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