Published on Friday, 16th May 2014

The Portsmouth Cycle Forum has unveiled its cycling manifesto ( It comes hot on the heels of reports that Portsmouth has one of the highest accident rates for cyclists in the country ( ).

The basic problem with managing cycling in an existing high density city likePortsmouth, it is not possible to actually do all that much to help. The only way of making roads safer for cyclists is to either remove huge amounts of parking or allow cycling on pavements, neither of which is acceptable on a wide scale and that means most roads have to stay as they are.

Of course there are exceptions. For example I would like to see the eastern side of Milton Road between Miltoncross School and the Velder Avenue lights made a shared space for example in order to better manage kids coming out of the school. Still in general I am afraid cycling in the city is never going to be a relaxing experience.


On a personal note, on the odd occasions I have used it one of the most dangerous feeling routes in the city is the seafront cycle lane. Many pedestrians just don’t seem to be aware that it is there and so even slow cyclists like me find they sometimes have to brake sharply on busy days when there are lots of people around.

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