Published on Sunday, 5th July 2015


Planning applications for three lines of beach huts were submitted a month or so ago – each contains around 25 huts. A presentation showing the details is available here.


The proposals were drawn up following extensive consultation both during the budget process and via a special policy document that was published and open to comment last autumn. The motivation throughout has been to address the 500 strong waiting list for huts and to raise some funds for the council – the profit before borrowing costs for 73 huts would be about £60000 pa.


I presented outline plans to the East Southsea Neighbourhood Forum back in October and got a fairly positive response, so I was - I admit - taken aback by the very different feedback I got when addressing the Forum again a couple of weeks ago. From the comments there and that I have received since it is clear that the Canoe Lake line causes the majority of the concern.


Reflecting on it all, I have decided that:


  • The Esplanade and St George’s planning applications will both go to the July Planning Committee
  • The Canoe Lake application will be put on hold for about two months while final costings for different numbers of huts are calculated and alternative locations considered
  • Officers will look at the viability of using some land to the east of Lumps Fort instead


So potentially the Canoe Lake application will be withdrawn, but I'm not in a position to make a final decision on that yet.


Tags: Seafront, Commercialisation