Published on Friday, 28th August 2015

Sometimes it is possible to both save money and improve services: such is the case with the new children’s home planned for Priory Crescent. The plan is simple: the existing home in Cosham is too big and is expensive to run because it is carrying surplus places. The council intends to close it and use the building instead for adults with learning disabilities and then to relocate the children to a new property in Milton.

While being in care can never be a good outcome for a child, it is surely better to provide accommodation for those that need in normal houses rather than institutions. The new property inPriory Crescent is a large detached house, which should mean a more homely feel and therefore a better living environment for its young residents.


It is disappointing been that the Liberal Democrat group leader looks set to oppose this plan. I can understand why – it is in his ward and I’m sure he is feeling pressure from neighbours. However children’s homes have to be located somewhere and this site is the best available.


Tags: Children's Services