Published on Sunday, 5th July 2015


Predicting election results from canvas returns is not as easy as it sounds – returns always flatter the party of the person asking, but not always by the same amount. In other words apparent support of 50% may translate into 40% one year and 33% the next.


Still I always felt confident about this year’s election and in the event Jennie Brent ended up winning by a margin in excess of 1000 over the LibDems. UKIP, Labour and the Green Party were fairly close to each other some way behind.

Jennie Brent, Conservative 2574

  • LibDem 1500
  • UKIP 890
  • Labour 805
  • Green 646
  • TUSC 60


The Conservative-minority administration of the City Council will continue this year and in all probability for the two after that.


Tags: Elections