Published on Friday, 12th October 2015

Time is running out to make your views known on the council's budget for 2016/7. The online consultation closes on Monday 19th October and with a lot of work still to do before a draft budget is published some three weeks after that it is a deadline cannot be extended. Last year some 2500 people took part and half a dozen changes were made as a result. You can add your voice by clicking here.


The council has to shrink by £11m next year. The Spinnaker Tower deal takes that figure down to £10.4m (plus a further £100k that was allowed for last year), but on the flipside there are overspends in Adult Social Care and Children's Services that have to be addressed.


The net General Fund budget is £125m, so this is a large reduction and while there are some pain-free efficiencies to be had, there are not enough to close the gap.


No money is being put aside for new spending. It is expected that a savings programme will be agreed in December with the Capital Programme and Council Tax being decided in February.


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