Published on Thursday, 31st March 2016


Aylesbury Vale District Council in Buckinghamshire has for four months being running a local lottery, the proceeds of which are distributed to local charities.


There are few unique problems in local government and councils can learn a lot from each other. When someone else comes up with a good idea that would work here, we should copy it here, which is why I put forward a motion to consider replicating the lottery scheme here.


In summary, the Aylesbury scheme is as follows:


-          Tickets are £1 and are only sold on-line.

-          42% of the ticket price covers prizes and running costs, with the remaining 58% going to charities or other good causes

-          Charities can nominate themselves to be recipients. The only restrictions are that they operate in the borough and that they steer clear of religion and politics.

-          Ticket purchasers choose which charity they would like their money to benefit

-          The top prize is £20,000 and is fixed odds so that it is only won occasionally

-          The council takes nothing from the scheme and has not sought to claw back the set up costs


No-one knows for sure what these scheme will raise, but Aylesbury’s estimate is £35000 in year one for charities, which is a useful amount of money. That is likely to be split between some dozens of recipients.


It is an idea worth looking at and if it all checks out, we’ll hopefully have something up and running towards the end of the year.

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